Contract Manufacturing – Serial production

Birema d.o.o (Ltd) is a sourcing service and product development company based in Slovenia that provides high quality manufacturing options from our wide-ranging network of ISO and TS certified companies mostly located in Slovenia.

We have developed long term strategic partnerships with several qualified manufacturers with references primarily in the European automotive and domestic appliance industries. We are capable of providing high quality, competitively priced products which meet desired deadlines. From initiating the design stage and developmental engineering support, designing the required tools, their development and production to sample review, preproduction review, PPAP [first article, control plan and FMEA] serial production planning and finally fabrication.

We can apply our long term sourcing experience and contacts for your use in the field (all fields) of die casting, investment casting, sand casting, die forging, sintering,  metal stamping, progressive die stamping, deep drawn stamping and CNC machining. We can identify which of our long term partners would be best suited for the production of your component.

Should you consider outsourcing, please contact us we are confident to be able to offer a solution which will meet your needs and expectations.